This state owes its name to that used in this place there was a house-farm with this name,Claret which only a few stones remaining wall today. This property is the highest we have and the highest in Gratallops, is at 540 meters above sea level. Grafted on Richter 110, standing very strong as this property is the least silt, sand or clay, has along with the Llicorella with what is a land very poor and very difficult work, making the grape leaves are high concentration and high sugar content and a high degree of mineral sensation in wines. Are harvested Grenache Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Grenache is 60 years old and 20-25 years Cabernet it is planted on spalier which together with its perfect orientation, south-west and height make it the first property it matures. Its total area is 6 ha, of which we planted 4 has. One of the largest we have.

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