Bodegas García Bordalas have a filosophy: produce grapes of the highest quality, which are the soul of our wines. This motivation has led to our wine is respectful of the environment and too with the plant. Mention some of the vineyard techniques through which we managed to obtain the best wine parameters that define the personality of the wines produced. VINE: The clones from the varieties are grown on family owned plots, white Grenache, Macabeo, Grenache noir or Cariñena are recovered from the ancient vineyards of several parcels of town Gratallops. They are also Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot,its are planted and grafted obviously in the laboratory and looking for the best clones of the world. VARIETY: During the period of pruning (January-March) lists the thorn on the most vigorous vines of the oldest vines and therefore with more character for example: Bebos and Capella and ready to be grafted onto PATTERN OR ROOTSTOCK: The graft is performed during the month of April on American rootstock that have been planted the previous year or who leave such old dead vines and therefore presents a powerful root development, colonizing the land and optimizing resources it has to accommodate the thorn then the local variety. After studying the profiles of each of the soil to plant, chemical, physical and microbiological, determined what type of rootstock was the best in new plantations, Richter 110, centuries-old plantations only knew a stock Rupestris de Lot .
Bodegas Bordalas García respects the environment maximum .We dont use mineral fertilizer on their plantations. Only made fertilitacions of organic matter in the form of sheep manure is to allow the order is the root itself to deepen and colonize the deep horizons, to make the most optimal way all the resources that the soil have. As for control of illness or diseases, the two that are attacking are Oidium and Mildew. The first is treated with sulfur and the second with copper compounds, all organic no chemical PRUNING: Depending on the characteristics of each terroir, we decide the time of pruning. In the vines in goblet left a total of 8 to 10 buds per plant. In the espalier is pruned in Cordon double Royat leaving three thumbs up by each arm to a bud eye blind plus 12 buds total. The material left over from pruning is burned to reduce future risk of illnes and diseases. GREEN PRUNING: Once sprouted vines should eliminate all outbreaks that do not interest us, not to steal nutritional elements to the clusters. This operation is performed during the month of May. BUNCH CUTTING: From the moment the painting of the berries (mid August) in the younger vines and with the climate change, that costs a lot the full maturation of the cluster, is very very important preliminary clusters to make a charge sufficient to enable perfect mature and do not weaken the vine. MATURATION: This is one of the most important steps, then we will determine the optimal time of harvest. From early August until the harvest is carried out sampling in all the vineyards, and then analyzed in the laboratory the following parameters: Probable alcoholic, total acidity, total Antocian, Total polyphenols index, Index of Color, tannins and weight of 50 berries but the important thing for not the good madurity is taste grape and see. HARVEST: The most satisfying process throughout the growing season. All harvesting is done in food plastic boxes of 20 Kg .We will do two selection quality:one in the field to throw a grapes that do not give the quality and the other to enter cellar to throw into the hopper of the stemmer. The harvest is gathered as the maturity of the varieties and be prepared separately allowing thus determine the potential of each vintage wine and get each bottle reaches the highest perfection.


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